INLS 490-154: Introduction to Information Retrieval System Design and Implementation

Fall 2008. Wednesdays 9:30am-12:15pm, Manning 214

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Assignment-2: Linking back-end IR to front-end interface
Assigned on: 08/27/2008, Due on: 09/07/2008
Provide an advance search and filtering functionality to the 'world' database.
You need to have (1) a homepage that allows one to do "basic search" for countries with a link to advance search page, (2) an advance search page with options to search in different fields such as country name, continent, and head of state, (3) a filtering option to let one obtain records based on a criteria such as population, year of independence, and language.
Grade rubric:
  • Homepage with functional basic search (2 points)
  • Advance search page with fields to search and filter (2 points)
  • Functional advance search (3 points)
  • Functional filtering (3 points)
Email your HTML/PHP files and the link to your online site to the instructor with "INLS 490: Assignment-2" in the subject field.

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