INLS 490-154: Introduction to Information Retrieval System Design and Implementation

Fall 2008. Wednesdays 9:30am-12:15pm, Manning 214

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Assignment-7: Evaluation-1
Assigned on: 10/08/2008, Due on: 10/12/2008
Build an index using Krovetz stemmer and stop words removal, taking the TREC file given from the LA Times (with over 130,000 documents). Retrieve 100 documents for topic 402 with its title, description, and narrative parts as queries. Make sure to use TFIDF as the retrieval model and set output format to 'trec' in your parameter file for 'RetEval'. Calculate the MAP and R-precision using 'trec_eval'. Also plot recall and precision at different recall points (at ranks 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 100). Email the following items to the instructor with the subject "INLS 490: Assignment-7" (1) a text file with three values of MAP and R-precision (3 points) and (2) 3 charts with recall and precision as interpolated line graphs (6 points). Make sure to label these files/charts appropriately.

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