INLS 490-154: Introduction to Information Retrieval System Design and Implementation

Fall 2008. Wednesdays 9:30am-12:15pm, Manning 214

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Assignment-12: Information organization
Assigned on: 11/19/2008, Due on: 11/23/2008
Take an existing collection, index, and search service that you have already built. Create a term-cloud interface for that collection, which displays a collection of terms with the font-size that is relative to their frequencies in the given collection. Make sure you display only a screenful of terms at the most. [4 points]
Make each of these terms hyperlinked, so that when a user clicks on a term, the system executes a query with that term and returns a set of documents that match that term. [6 points]
Email the instructor the link to your working site with "INLS 490: Assignment-12" in the subject field.

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